Maker's Mark Distillery 4 Seasons

Prints are all 18" x 24", Signed & Numbered Edition size 2,000. The "Fall at Maker's Mark Distillery" is Sold Out and has become known to collectors as the one with the "Smokestacks". The print is rarely found on the secondary market as people that purchased it has a sentimental connection to the Distillery and has passed them down through the family. Some have family members that worked there, ties to the area or they just plain think Maker's Mark is the best bourbon ever!!

Prints are available as Note Cards. Set of 4 Seasons boxed. $16.


I have retained the original "Four Seasons at Maker's Mark Distillery". Each is 18" x24" Oil on Canvas and are in mint condition. The prints have been wildly collected and the originals are a 1 of a kind acqisition for the ultimate Maker's Mark collector.  The excitement demonstrated by the Maker's Bottles group and The Ambassadors group in seeking bottles, signatures, etc. for their collections is truly amazing. The stories and interacting I have had with these "Lovers of Maker's"  has been a very rewarding part of my life. Having held the original paintings for 30 years, the time has come to consider offers of selling.  Only to be sold  as an intact group of 4.  Mary Hagy  






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